Christopher "IRNOEbot" Noe streams on Twitch!

Stream starts at 10:00 AM EST, Monday to Friday, unless it doesn't.

IRNOEbot's stream will go live, unless...

-He has a Doctor or Dentist appointment.
-He is seriously injured.
-Family emergency.
-We can't find Coral.
-Someone dies.
-He dies.
-Everyone dies.
-He doesn't want to.

What to expect during the streams:

I will usually play a game until I have all of the Trophies, Achievements, etc..

I play mostly single player or coop games and prefer story driven content.


They are pretty simple, I ban anyone who I feel is hurting the experience of my viewers. That includes trolls, spoilers, back seat commentary and rude idiots. Regular idiots are fine.
MODS can do as they please. If they feel something is out of line, they have the power to drop the hammer.

MOOBOT, however, is much more strict and will ban the following: 

Excessive use of caps (If more than 60% of the sentence is in caps, it will get flagged).

Any words on the twitch profanity filter list, as well as a few I added myself. I will update this if necessary.

Fake purges (Messages that are pretending to be deleted).

Links of any kind and messages that contain IP's.

Spamming (Removes messages with repeated letters, phrases or words, or other disruptive behavior).

Excessive use of symbols (50% of the sentence is symbols).

Any message 600 characters or longer.

You may contact me anytime if you feel you were banned for the wrong reason.

"I am constantly working on something so streaming is my way to relax and hang out with my friends. I don't have a lot of free time and I'm choosing to spend it doing what I love and entertaining a few folks... 

Sorry if I'm not on all the time but life is life and bills are bills".

Christopher "IRNOEbot" Noe

A series of misunderstandings ended in Christopher growing up without friends, thus leading to plenty of free time, an unquenchable thirst for video games, an obsession with comedians, a dark imagination and an itch to create.

A bunch of failed attempts to reinvent himself later....

IRNOEbot emerged.

He will continue to pursue what he loves until his IMDB page fills all of the empty holes his past relationships could not

His dream is to make a living as an entertainer.

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Benjamin Lee - Streamer (Super Fat)

Qik - Streamer (Dark Souls/ARPG's/Puzzles)

Zodiac Empires - Tabletop game from starcalled studios


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